Technology Leadership

Grove Strategic Partners can help your company by providing technology leadership through times of growth or change.


Grove Strategic Partners can:

  • Create product specifications
  • Create wireframes and mockups
  • Create product offerings and pricing
  • Perform budgeting
  • Create initial staffing plan
  • Interview and hire new staff
  • Manage existing staff
  • Create or update process and procedures
  • Establish backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity plans
  • Perform code reviews
  • Perform independent testing (QA, penetration, A/B, etc)
  • Establish vendor contracts, or manage existing vendors
  • Evaluate current offerings, products, procedures and staff
  • Provide development solutions
Regardless of your needs, please call us (646)201-9223 or submit the contact form below, and we will respond within one business day.

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